About Nomads

Nomads Games

Nomads is an independent team of game development from Taiwan and start-up since 2011. We often take teamwork among different cafes, so our team is called "Nomads".

"Enjoy games with friends" is one of the most important points about game-play for us. Therefore, we are dedicated to creating amusing games which could help people much closer and make life much better.

Also, for players tending to play a lone hand to feel fulfilled and satisfied, we would develop single-player games so that players could enjoy games at leisure.

Currently we focus on developing mobile games, where is the high-growing platform, and it is also the most important trend of people's entertainment activities these years. Enjoy our games and take easy to share your ideas or comments.

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- facebook.com/nomads.games
- twitter.com/TheNomadsGames
- youtube.com/user/NomadsGamesOfficial
- soundcloud.com/nomads-games


If you are interested in us, please contact us via contact[AT]nomads.tw.


Are you looking for BGM outsource of your games? Please visit our Nomads Music to see if music styles can meet your requirements. Feel free to talk about your thought.